I am a regular visitor of Jam-i-Shireen Park, Liberty Market. Qarshi Foundations efforts are indeed commendable for providing a number of facilities for visitors from both genders and every age. An army of labourers can be witnessed from dawn to dusk busy in maintenance of the park. Latest addition of peacocks has added to the attraction and beauty of the place. The only thing which is being neglected for a very long time is toilet block. I happened to use the toilet room during my morning walk the other day but I was astonished to note that the only (gents) toilet of the park which was open for public (ladies toilet being shut down for the reasons best known to the management) was in a dilapidated and extremely unhygienic condition. The WC was filled with filth which could be noticed all over the seat as well. The ablution utensil was narrating the same story and water was continuously running from a pipe sans tap thus spreading water all over the floor and making it slippery, extremely dangerous for old age users. Therefore the management of the park is requested to pay some attention in this area as well and hire some permanent sanitation workers who could take care of situation. MICHAEL KAROLUS, Lahore, April 21.