ISLAMABAD - Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan, has called upon the whole nation to raise their voice against the fatal drone attacks by joining the two-day symbolic sit-in at Bagh-e-Naran, Peshawar, on 23rd and 24th April. While briefing the media persons, the PTI Chairman said that this symbolic sit-in would build pressure to influence American strategy regarding drone attacks in Pakistan. Similarly a segment of American people are of the view that drone could not serve the American interests and it was only to protect the interests of their a few Army 'generals. So to me, the people of Pakistan should adopt measures to protect their lives instead of relying on mercy of the government, which has 'fixed the match with Americans at upper level, he added. Here, I would invite all the political parties, individuals and tribal elders to join PTI sit-in arranged at Peshawar to raise pressure on Pakistani government and American government to end drone attacks, Imran said, adding that he had particularly invited PML-N leader Javeed Hashmi to join hands with PTI over this sit-in. We shall have a symbolic block of NATO supply line as a statement of our resentment against drone attacks in which thousands of innocent civilians including women and children have been brutally killed by the NATO forces, he said. He said its time that the Pakistani nation should rise above political differences and stand together to achieve its right of life and liberty. The Chairman PTI, however, deplored the efficiency of Parliamentarians, which to him was remained failed to stop even no practical step to end this menace from the country. About the role of political parties regarding the stoppage of these inhumane attacks, he said, this match was fixed at upper level so when the leaders of political parties would decide to get rid of these brutal attacks then members of the parliamentarians would take step forward so to me it is useless to mobilise these parliamentarians which had always remained on the will and wishes of their leaders. During question answer session, while replying to a question, Imran Khan was of the view that the assassination of farmer Governor Punjab Salman Taseer and Minority Minister Shahbaz Bhatti warned the radicalization and sectarianism growing day by day only because of Drone attacks in the country. To me Drone attacks can not serve the interests of their masters as innocent are badly suffering the miseries and these tribal people have also been fighting to defend the country, he maintained. Meanwhile, addressing members of the Core Committee of PTI at the party Central Secretariat in Islamabad on Friday Imran Khan said our government instead of taking practical steps to prevent these attacks, have encouraged the US leadership to continue their inhuman acts and not worry about collateral damage. Khan said its time that the Pakistani nation should rise above political differences and stand together to achieve its right of life and liberty.