Recent talks by PPP to bring the PML(Q), of which Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi is a vital part, will undoubtedly be the mother of all political reconciliations, given the fact that Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto had in an email to Marc Segal, named the gentleman as one of persons that could be held responsible in case she was assassinated. President Zardari has by this act proven his tact and agility in the politics of power, where neither kinship, nor animosity are permanent features, the only permanence being the strive to remain in power and enjoy its perks such as numerous assets, bank accounts located abroad, or the ever expanding number of sugar mills. The state of Pakistan itself is in a hurry to reconcile with all those who have conspired in recent past, or are currently engaged in plundering its national exchequer, state corporations, vast real estate and funds or trusts such as Employees Old Age Benefit Scheme. This democratically elected government does not want its time wasted on pursuing those who have been accused of fleecing poor Hajjis, because in its opinion that seems to be their destiny and fate, to be robbed and neglected endlessly and wait to seek Almighty's intervention. If railway trains don't run, or electricity is not distributed through distribution cables and there are no teachers to teach in government schools, or free medicines for poor, nor any hope for the thousands of women killed, or physically assaulted in the name of honour, or male chauvinism, that does not seem to be the priorities of the political government too busy, in pursuing its agenda of reconciliation, where target killings of innocent citizens of Karachi is a sacrifice that has become inevitable. Reconciliation has assumed a new dimension in the politics of power that today poses a threat to democracy itself, because this is what was practiced by the Musharraf and Zia junta and continues without any hope of reform. MALIK TARIQ, Lahore, April 22.