OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHOREFailure of the government and the Pakistan Electric Power Company to arrange furnace oil and gas for the three generation companies (called as Gencos), compelled the power consumers to face more than 12 hours outages per day across Pakistan, PEPCO sources told The Nation. They also said that the Gencos were producing mere 1,396 megawatt against their total installed capacity of 3,450 megawatt. The National Grid on Friday faced the highest shortfall of the season and in some areas the consumers had to face above 12 hours load-shedding, the sources said. The sources stated that electricity generation was 9,465MW whereas the demand was 14,475MW thus the shortfall in the energy basket reached at 5,010MW. The hydro power adds 2,585MW and IPPs produce 5,333MW while PEPCO thermal units contribute mere 1,396MW to the national grid. According to PEPCO, the RPPs production stood at 151MW. Moreover, the Karachi Electric Supply Company was provided 65OMW during the period to meet the electricity demand. The sources said that gas constraints and unavailability of furnace oil to run PEPCO-owned thermal units Gencos were the main reason behind the horrible increase in load-shedding. Besides, they added, the decrease in outflow from the reservoirs due to low demand for irrigation water was another reason behind the fall of hydropower production.