LAHORE Pakistan Electric Power Company Managing Director Rasul Khan Mahsud has picked up his blue-eyed person and appointed him as chief of Gujranwala Electric Power Company by allegedly ignoring the merit list, TheNation has learnt reliably. The sources in the Pepco disclosed that Muhammad Ibrahim Majoka, who had been handling the affairs of the Gepco since last one and half year was forcibly transferred from the post of Gepco CEO. As per sources, the MD appointed Khalid Rai, the junior engineer and his friend as CEO of the second largest power distribution company of Punjab. He (Khalid Rai) has been allegedly picked up for the lucrative post by violating the company rules for the appointment of distribution company head. According to the rules, a senior engineer in the merit list would be the chief of a power distribution company and the CEO can only be picked from within the company hierarchy, the sources said. The sources revealed that Pepco MD chose Khalid Rai from the Pepco, where he had been serving as chief engineer in a project management unit beside he was very close friend of the powerful MD. The sources told TheNation that Ibrahim Majoka would retire from the service after one and half month. As per the Gepco profile, Sheikh Muhammad Ilyas is the second person in the company management, which deserved to be the CEO Gepco as per rulers, they added. Muhammad Ilyas is currently working as general manager (operation) in the Gepco. It is worth mentioning here that Rasul Khan had been enjoying the top post of MD Pepco as an additional charge and the powerful MD has reportedly close links in the top government circles. He was not available to comment on the story.