The future king of Britain, Prince William, intends to apply again to serve as a military pilot in Afghanistan, a royal source told The Daily Telegraph. The 28-year-old military helicopter pilot has been kept out of combat zones because he is second in line to the throne after his father, Prince Charles, but has repeatedly said he would like to serve in Afghanistan, the report said. He now serves as a co-pilot in large Sea King helicopters in search-and-rescue missions. His younger brother, Prince Harry, also is a helicopter pilot and flew Cobra attack craft in Afghanistan in 2008 and is scheduled to return next year. Last year William said on television he had "real determination" to see combat and the royal source said the prince was planning to apply again after his current posting expires in 2013. "Nothing has changed since he expressed those views," the source said. "He is fully aware that he is different to his brother but he would still like to do his duty." The source also said although the prince is set to marry Kate Middleton April 29, his marriage isn't affecting his determination to serve in combat.