KARACHI- Al Qaeda is planning to attack UK-bound flights taking off from Pakistani airports through undetectable chemicals explosive available in liquid form, The Nation has reliably learnt. An intelligence agency has reported that a Pakistan Airport will be used for an attack against a UK-bound aircraft in near future. Intelligence agencies have also reported that the terrorists have completed the plan to achieve the target. The said agency pointed out that the terrorists will use liquid explosives which are undetectable and passengers can be carrying the said substance likely without any hindrance. The communiqu stated that the limited information is presently available about the people or group involved in the plan Secret agencies have also pin-pointed that two terrorist attacks were planned by al Qaeda previously on the same pattern. In these attempts, al Qaeda failed to accomplish the mission but improved its capability to launch Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) consisting of chemicals only. As such an IED has no metal component and it would pass undetected from the existing metal scanners installed at airports and VVIP lounges. The communique mentioned the reference of previous attempts carried out by the al Qaeda as a Nigerian namely Umer Farouk Abdul Mutalab attempted to bomb a US-bound flight. He was overpowered by the passengers. In the second incident, the Saudi Deputy Interior Minister was injured by a similar suicide attack from a visitor. It is pertinent to mention here that following the reports concerned organisations have directed to maximise the level of security parameters, especially for UK-bound flights.