LAHORE Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that the growing divide between the rich and the poor in Pakistan is a danger alarm for the society. He said that 80 per cent national resources were under the control of five per cent elite and that was why the dream of those who struggled for the independence of the country had proved to be a mirage. According to an official handout, the CM while addressing China-based Pakistanis in Beijing on Thursday said terrorism was the biggest problem of Pakistan and it had its roots in the 80s when Pakistan had to fight a so-called holy war which was actually a proxy war. He said that the current war against terrorism was for the survival of the country and if any weakness was shown in the war, Pakistan would be nowhere in history. He said that drone attacks were proving to be counterproductive and the statistics had shown that more innocent persons than terrorists had been killed in the attacks. He said that though Pakistan was demanding that drone attacks should be stopped but no one was paying heed to it as it was economically weak. He said that had Pakistan not been dependent on others, there would have been no such attacks. He said that Pakistan needed cooperation rather than dictation and orders from others. He said that the strings attached to the foreign assistance were the root-cause of the problem. He said that China had the quality that it never interfered with the freedom and sovereignty of friendly countries and put no conditions to its assistance. Earlier, in his interviews with international media in the Chinese capital, Chief Minister said that Indian statement about alleged presence of Chinese Army in Azad Kashmir was baseless and ridiculous. He said that China believed in non-interference in other countries. However so far as Kashmir issue was concerned it had always supported its solution in accordance with UN resolutions. He said that China would have the most important role at international level in future and he believed that it would play its part in resolving Kashmir issue on the basis of justice and fair play. Meanwhile, Shahbaz Sharif has said that agreements signed between China and the Punjab like Taunsa Barrage and Lahore Mass Transit System would not have been possible without the personal interest of Chinese leadership and they point out to a new dimension to Pak-China relationship. According to an official handout, he was addressing a road show arranged by Punjab Trade Investment Forum in Beijing on Friday. Chinese traders and industrialists, senior officials of policy-making institutions related to infrastructure, livestock, energy, transport and finance were present in large numbers on the occasion. The Chinese investors present in the function showed keen interest in the joint ventures of public welfare. Miao Jang Shu of China Council for International Investment Promotion and Pakistani Ambassador to China, Masood Khan also spoke on the occasion. The chief minister called upon the Chinese investors to come forward and take Pak-China friendship even higher and stronger than the Himalayas through their practical cooperation. He said that Pakistani people wanted the Chinese cooperation with Pakistan to be increased at the same pace at which China had progressed.