RAWALPINDI Earth Day is a special day to learn about our planet and how to take care of it. Earth Day affords school teachers with an outstanding opportunity to focus students attention on the environment and to stimulate their creativity and imagination, so that they can act persuasively to help solve environmental problems, says a press release. For that Rootsians celebrated Earth day with the motto that Earth Day is every day. In all campuses of Roots School System nationwide students celebrated Earth Day with the pledge I will help to stop air and water pollution, I will turn off the lights after leaving the room this will save electricity. Students were wearing headgears, holding placards, banners on which written different slogans i.e save our mother earth, keep our surroundings clean and green, keeping the environment green will help us to live healthy etc. Related to the day students had a painting competition in which they showed their feelings towards keeping the healthy environment by showing kids putting litter in bins, planting plants, rightly wastage disposal etc.