OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE - Sharif brothers while seriously considering the advice of senior PML-N leader, Javed Hashmi should seek apology from the masses for siding with dictatorial regime in the past, demands Chaudhry Zaheeruddin, general secretary PML-Q Punjab. He made this demand while talking to party leaders and workers on Friday at Muslim League House. PML-Q leader demanded that Sharifs should not restrict themselves by seeking apology from the masses for siding with General Zia and Musharraf but they should also ask for forgiveness for out of turn promotion of General Musharraf. He further demanded that they should also seek apology for striking 10-year pact for a comfortable life abroad and promoting the trend of turncoats despite signing the Charter of Democracy. Meanwhile, women MPAs of PML-Q including Seemal Kamran, Khadija Farooqi and Majida Zaidi have warned the provincial government of stopping baseless propaganda against their top leadership, otherwise they would once again made public a charge sheet allegedly based on the corruption of PML-N high command.