KARACHI - Recently, once again, there appeared a deliberate effort by miscreants in the society to discredit the Zindagi Trust by starting a false and fake 'help the poor scheme. False messages have been sent using the name of Zindagi Trust through SMS and emails inviting poor children to get free books, shoes and clothes from Zindagi Trust, says a press release. Supporters of Zindagi Trust, unaware of the motives of the miscreants, forwarded this message to others to help Shehzad Roys trust. Zindagi Trust, wishes to inform all those who may have received such SMSs / emails (or may receive them in future) that this is the work of those anti-social elements in the society who do not want to see Zindagi Trust deliver its mission of eradicating illiteracy and improving the quality of education in the country through their I am Paid to Learn Program and the Uplift of Government School Projects such as the SMB School in Karachi. Zindagi Trust has been engaged for the last seven years with providing education to thousands of underprivileged children and trying to improve the govt school education system in Pakistan.