ISLAMABAD – The Pakistan Economy Watch (PEW) on Sunday termed frequent upward revisions in the prices of fuel and electricity and continued government borrowing proves incompetence of the tax collectors.

President PEW, Dr Murtaza Mughal has said that the Government continues to revise energy prices on one pretext or other to raise funds as the tax machinery has failed to show sign of any improvement and it has crossed all the limits of borrowings without considering its social and economic complexities. Any hike in the price of CNG, electricity, and petrol etc. automatically add billions to the coffers of government without any effort by the FBR, he added.

Dr Murtaza Mughal said that the government continues to give relaxations and unjust exemptions to the influential sectors and squeeze masses to make money for luxuries. This means that traders, rural elite, real estate, some services and stock brokers would continue to earn without sharing for national development, he added. He said that govt has asked FBR to collect additional Rs 0.39tr in the next year. He stated that the sectors comprising 80-85 per cent of the economy are not giving taxes and may not pay in the years to come and it means masses and honest taxpayers will be facing more hardships in the next year.