KARACHI – Forty-three bodies of the Bohja aircraft tragedy have been flown to Karachi, while families of at least 57 victims are still waiting for the bodies for burial.

According to details, the said 43 bodies reached Karachi from Islamabad by two different flights. The first flight, ED-205, brought eight bodies on Sunday at around 1:30am at the cargo terminal. These bodies were stated to be that of Tahira Laiq ,Hammad Laiq, Shaheen Bano,Sadaf Baloch, Gul Muhammad, Shazia baloch, Hamida Balch and Syed Rizwan.

Another PIA flight landed at the airport at 12:15pm with body of a woman, namely Aneesa Akbar, a resident of Defence’s Phase-4.

Meanwhile, almost 14 victims’ funeral procession were held in different parts of Karachi on Sunday. These included two couples: Amjad and his wife Shaheen, Rizwan and his wife Sadaf. They were relatives and residents of Khokrapar in Malir area.

Another funeral procession of Tahira Laiq and her son Hammad Laiq was held at Chawala Market of Nazimabad and after their funeral they were buried in Sakhi Hassan graveyard.Funeral of Atiq and Ghazala Malik offered at Ranchor Line and they were laid to rest in nearby graveyard. Sanam Fareed Airhostess of the ill fated plane has laid to reset in Mawa Shah graveyard after her funeral prayer offered in Sultan Mosque, DHA. Anisa Akbar’s funeral was offered in DHA Phase IV and she was laid to rest in DHA graveyard. Sohail and Farooq both friends’ residents of Ranchor Line were buried in Pak Colony graveyard after funeral of both in nearby mosque.

Altamash, a resident of Samanabad, was buried in Sakhi Hassan graveyard after his funeral in FB Area.