Prime Minster Yusuf Raza Gilani Monday said that all issues including Kashmir and Siachen could be resolved by mutual understanding with India.

Speaking at a seminar on Monday, the prime minister said that his government improved relations with the neighbouring countries including India.

“When we took charge of the government in 2008, our relationships with all neighbors including India, Iran and Afghanistan were worse but our government made efforts to make ties with these countries better,” Gilani said.

He said that issues of Sir Creek, Siachen were also discussed during his meeting with his Indian counterpart Manmohan Sindh.

The premier said that PM Singh agreed on resolving issues through dialogue.

He said that the time has passed when issues were settled by fighting wars.

Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said that Pakistan was facing menace of extremism and there was need to strengthen hands of the government.

He said that NGOs had been playing significant role in the development of Pakistan.

He said that the NGOs played great role in rehabilitation of affectees of floods in the country.

The prime minister said that every individual would have to play its due role for the prosperity of the country instead of waiting for “somebody” as there was no “somebody”.