Sadiqa Anjum talks of solar panels to reduce load shedding. Will solar energy or even wind energy by itself revive half the industry of the country which is shutdown and fleeing the country. We need mega quantities of power which only mega dams can give in the long run. Alternate means of energy and even Thar coal will not give us the required quantity of water for irrigation. Shortage of power has blinded us to the bigger problem of shortage of water which is causing severe food inflation. 12 of the 18 crore people are spending all their income on purchase of food. This has pushed 8 crore people below the poverty line compared to 5 crore in 2008. 11 crore people have been reduced to less than two meals a day. Agriculture is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy providing livelihood directly to 70 percent of the rural population and earning 60 percent of the export revenues. We will ignore it only at our own peril.


Lahore, April 20.