LAKKI MARWAT - District Coordination Officer Nisar Ahmad has said that performance of government officials in polio eradication will be made part of their ACRs as to wipe out the crippling disease is a national cause and any negligence on part of government employees to this effect is intolerable.

Speaking at a function in district council hall Tajazai the other day to inaugurate the three-day anti-polio drive, he said that government officials would face action for deliberate negligence besides their performance in ACRs would be marked as ‘poor’.

The district health department with the collaboration of Community Motivation Development Organisation (CMDO), a nongovernmental organisation had arranged the function wherein DCO administered oral polio vaccine and vitamin drops to children below the age of five years.

EDO health Dr Abdul Ghaffar Wazir, WHO Area Coordinator for Southern Districts and Fata Dr Illauddin, Surveillance Officer Dr Adnan Akbar Khan, MS Dr Muhammad Ishaq and Professor Gul Zameen also spoke on the occasion.

Mr Nisar said that the teachers and students should take part in awareness campaign to educate people especially parents about the utility of anti polio drops. He said that with the support of community the drive against polio could be made a success.  “The eradication of polio is a national duty and all segments of society should come forward to save children from the disease causing lifelong paralyse,” he maintained.