LAHORE/KARACHI – TALHA MAKHDOOM -  On the third day to killing of 127 people in Bhoja plane crash near Islamabad, another two Boeing 737 aircraft narrowly escaped disaster at Lahore and Karachi airports on Sunday.Waking up to reality that there may be several other faulty planes warranting technical inspection, Defence Minister Ahmed Mukhtar ordered all ‘out of condition’ planes of private airlines to be grounded, with rigorous inspection of the entire fleets. He said the private companies can only operate after technical inspection of their fleets. In the meantime, all faulty planes would be grounded, he added.Both the planes that luckily escaped disaster were from the outmoded Boeing fleet that is now banned in most countries. Both belonged to the private Shaheen Air International.In the first incident, two tyres and the rear landing gear of a Boeing 737-400 busted during landing at Karachi airport on Sunday at 12:16pm, airport authority officials said. The commercial passenger Flight ML-112 of Shaheen airline was brining 122 passengers and six crew members from Islamabad.Fire brigade vehicles surrounded the aircraft as soon as it crash landed. The tyres burst, breaking the landing gear of the plane that came to rest in a position that its right wing was touching the runway.Luckily, all onboard remained safe. Scared passengers were boarded off and taken to the arrival lounge of the Jinnah International Airport. Officials said the main runway of the airport remained closed for eight hours, until the damaged aircraft was removed. Some passengers complained that the pilot did not open the emergency gates and they remained stranded on the aircraft for at least half an hour following the accident.Hours after this ugly happening, another plane of Shaheen Air International avoided mishap at Lahore airport. Airport officials said the plane carrying more than 200 passengers was stopped before it was about to take off for Mashhad (Iran). The authorities noticed a leakage in the fuel tank and directed pilots not to take off.The Boeing 737 had arrived from Dubai and was heading to Iranian city when technicians noticed the fault. Officials said the fuel tanks were filled beyond their capacity that led to fuel overflow. Another source, said actually it was the pilot himself who observed the leak while the plane was on runway for takeoff.All passengers were taken off-board and transferred to international lounge where they staged a protest against the potentially fatal blunder and demanded another plane to carry them to Mashhad. Civil Aviation Authority Director General Nadeem Yousafzai directed the authorities to investigate the incidents and the authority fined the private airline for not maintaining its aircraft according to standards.It is learnt that on orders from Defence Minister Ahmed Mukhtar, planes of the private airlines would be undergoing rigorous inspections from today (Monday). The minister said it will take three to four days to check all the planes, which will go through the same fitness procedures as is set for the PIA.Talking to media on Sunday, the minister said that all private airlines had been given a shakedown message to ground their planes for thorough checking from tomorrow (Monday) by the CAA. He said the aircraft which failed to meet the international standards would be grounded permanently.But interestingly the defence minister has once again referred the matter to CAA Director General Nadeem Khan Yusufzai, who has already issued fit for fly certificates to the aged planes of private airlines, sources in CAA said.A senior officer of Bhoja airlines expressed his wonder over the news about grounding of planes. “Our operation is very much alive and our flight B4-116 operating between Karachi-Lahore-Karachi operated on Sunday took off at 8.45pm from Allama Iqbal International Airport for Karachi.” CAA spokesman Pervez George said: “All the private airplanes will undergo a re-inspection but without disturbing their flight schedule.“The minister also said that probe of the Bhoja Air disaster will be finalised within three to four weeks and if it is proved that the craft was not fit for flight‚ the license of the airline would be cancelled. The Bhoja Air passenger jet crashed Friday evening killing all 127 people on board.An officer of Bhoja airlines said that the CAA DG in a press conference has already said that license to Bhoja for operation was issued after checking the airworthiness of its fleet. He said though flight was under-load since fear has griped the passengers after the recent crash of a Bhoja plane. But he was hopeful that confidence of the people would be restored with time as happened with the Airblue that faced passenger distrust for about two months after one of its planes crashed near Islamabad last year.Bhoja Air possessed four aircrafts – one DC-9 was hired on lease while two 737-200 were purchased from South Africa and one 737-400 was grounded at Karachi airport and was not functional.Similarly Airblue has four planes: A-318, A-319, A-320 and A-321. Shaheen Airlines has a fleet of twelve self-owned Boeing 737 aircraft that are operating on all domestic and international routes. Each aircraft has the seating capacity of about 120 passengers.The Friday’s crash was Islamabad’s second major plane crash in less than two years – an Airblue plane came down in bad weather in July 2010, killing 152 – and victims’ families have voiced fury at the authorities.CAA DG said the plane suddenly dropped from 2,900 feet to 2,000 feet as it made its final approach to land, and vanished from the airport radar. He said another plane from the private Airblue airline landed safely from the same approach about 10 minutes afterwards and there was no indication from the Bhoja pilot that he was in distress.The flight data recorder has been recovered and will be sent abroad for analysis, and the overall investigation could take up to a year to complete its work.