LAHORE – A senior journalist was shocked over the criminal response of three traffic wardens of the City Traffic Police when he asked them to chase two impersonator policemen, who intended to loot him near Iranian Cultural Complex early on Sunday.

The media man arrived at Allama Iqbal International Airport on Sunday morning, after performing Umrah in Saudi Arabia, and was on his way to home when two impersonators while riding a corolla car (LEC-2723) intercepted him near Iranian Cultural Complex around 9:30am. “They asked about my identity, about my luggage and about my background,” he told this reporter. He further said that they seemed professional criminals, and whatever they were doing seemed pre-planned. One of them gave Arabian appearance while other one had rough and spot look.

However, the impersonators became defensive when the journalist asked them to produce their identity first. Later, the media man approached three SIs namely Usman, Rameez and Usman deployed near Kinnarid College and informed them about the impersonators and their modus operandi. But, the Sub-Inspectors instead of chasing the culprits or taking legal action against them started advising the victim to make phone call on Emergency Police 15. He had contacted them within a minute and half after the incident as they were the most suitable persons at that time to be approached.  Turning a deaf ear to the complainant, two Sub-Inspectors (both Usman) escaped the scene and the third cop namely Rameez while riding his motorbike (LEG-1194-09) also left the place, leaving the media man in a state of embarrassment. Talking to this scribe, the City Traffic Police spokesman said that a strict action would be initiated against them. To a query about traffic police coordination with the district police with regard to maintaining law and order and keeping vigil on suspects, he declined to comment. He, however, categorically said that all of the mentioned three cops are being traced out and strong departmental action would be taken against them after they are proved guilty in departmental inquiry. SP Sadr Division Asif Zaffar Cheema, however, could not be contacted till filing of this report.

It may be noted here, several complaints have been submitted in recent past with the traffic authorities by the passengers of national and international airlines that they were being robbed by armed bandits in connivance with law enforcers but no tangible action has been taken against anyone so far.