One in 10 single men would rather have an iPad 3 than a new partner, according to a poll.

The research found that 11% of bachelors would rather own the popular Apple gadget than gain a new love interest.

And 3% said they would happily leave a current partner if they were rewarded with the tablet device, the poll of 600 people by online casino found.

Women were found to be more social creatures, with 84% stating that they would prefer to have a new partner than an iPad 3.

Just under half (44%) of those polled said they had used an app to resolve a relationship problem, and 15% regularly consulted the internet for relationship advice. A spokesman said: “There has been a huge amount of hype surrounding the iPad 3 and for many it’s the ultimate gadget, but instead of simply giving up their hard-earned cash it seems some men would be happy to remain on the shelf if it meant taking one home with them. “The Apple product has a wide variety of functions but even the latest version can’t offer some of the things that a new romance can, but it seems many males are happy to forego this.”            –WO