Former Foreign Minister and central leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Shah Mehmood Qureshi Monday indicated that there was no threat to democracy and government is taking democracy as a cover to hide its corruption.

Talking to the media while arriving to the Multan airport he marked the recent PTI rally at Quetta as historical one.

“Generally, the atmosphere of Quetta was full of scare and terror but PTI has broken the choked tunes of the city and held very remarkable rally that has lifted our morale very high”, Qureshi said.

He stated that agenda of those entities proved wrong that were involved in doing propaganda against PTI and were weakening PTI Tsunami.

He said the Supreme Court has already ordered the Election Commission Pakistan (ECP) and NADRA to prepare the electoral lists till May.

He said the people are now disappointed from the government and if the government could try to put off the elections then they would protest.

Qureshi criticized government over the issue of Seraiki province and marked it as a political gimmick to grab the vote of Seraiki people.

PTI stalwart urged to create new provinces so that people may enjoy their fundamental rights.

“ No one is talking over the post provinces creation situation than what would be the formula of water distribution and how the resource would be distributed between the center and new provinces”, Qureshi said.

He urged government to tell the reasons why it stopped the Nato supply and why it is now ready to restore the supply.

Qureshi termed dispute of Afghanistan as political and it should be resolved on political grounds.

He said that they are in the favor of trading with the India and relations between the two countries could not be settled in case of one-way visits.

He demanded answers from the rulers over chemical quota case in which Ali Musa Gilani, son of the Prime Minister is involved.