KARACHI  - Commissioner of Karachi Roshan Ali Shaikh has directed the district administrations of the city to ensure availability of milk at a uniform  price of Rs 70 per litre to the citizens.

Responding to public complaints about being fleeced by milk sellers in certain parts of Karachi, the commissioner on Sunday issued directives to the  deputy commissioners and assistant commissioners of different  districts of Karachi that strict vigil be maintained and not a single penny more than Rs 70 per litre, should be charged from the consumers.

Commissioner Roshan Ali Shaikh said equal care must be taken to ensure  that quality of milk and milk- made products is not compromised and people are not fleeced under any pretext. He said dairy farmers, whole salers and shop owners selling milk and its by-products if found indulged in malpractices, that is, over-charging or affecting the quality of these through addition of water or any chemical substance must immediately be  taken  to task.

The city commissioner said that since the price of milk was fixed through a unanimous agreement by all stake holders including representatives of consumers’ association, dairy farm owners, retailers, wholesalers and so-forth therefore there was no reason for an arbitrary increase in its price.

He also appreciated that districts’ administration during the past week did manage to apprehend and penalise those charging high for the product and challaned 542 milk sellers and jailed another 57 for fleecing people.

“It is our responsibility to protect the interest of consumers and therefore the spirit must be maintained without any relaxation,” said the commissioner.