RAWALPINDI – Pakistan Railway has demanded Rs 84 million from Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) as land charges, temporary diversion, maintenance of lines and supervision charges in Mareer Chowk Railway Tunnel Project.

RDA sources said that Pakistan Railway has Okayed to handover the project to RDA adding that amended PC-1 for the project would be sent to P&D for approval next week.

Deputy Director Engineering RDA, Umar Farooq when contacted confirmed that Pakistan Railway has placed demand notice of Rs 84 million. “RDA is negotiating to reduce the proposed demand notice and bring it down to Rs 12 million,” he added. It merits mentioning here that the project would be completed at a cost of Rs 452 million and ease movement of traffic at the Mareer Chowk.

Meanwhile, Rawalpindi Police on Sunday claimed to have arrested 21 lawbreakers including seven accused who were found involved in immoral activities.

Rawalpindi police busted two brothels in the operations and held seven males and females who were found indulged in immoral activities while police in the crackdowns against the criminals also recovered drugs, liquor and illegal weapons.

According to police spokesman, police seized 345-gram charas, 184 bottles of liquor, two pistols 30-bore with 27 rounds and 25 rounds of 12-bore from the lawbreakers. Kalr Seydian police arrested an accused namely Fayyaz on recovery of 150 bottles of liquor. Meanwhile, Sadiqabad police acting on a tip-off raided at two different brothel houses of Shameem and Sabana and in Madina Town and Shaheen Colony and arrested seven accused identified as Shameem, Kiren, Asima, Kosar, Qasir, Shahnaz and Naleem Bibi.

 for their alleged involvement in illegal activities.

All the outlaws apprehended have been sent behind the bars, he said adding separate cases have been registered against them while further investigation is underway.