MALAKAND - Malakand Contractors Union, President, Muhammad Israr, General Secretary Muhammad Shafiq Khan and others have demanded of the government to increase premium of contractors in development funds as inflation is making it difficult for them to complete uplift projects. They have demanded of the Chief Minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti, Finance Minister Engr Muhammad Hamayun Khan, Chief Secretary KP, Secretary C&W, Secretary Irrigation, Secretary Local Government to ensure fulfillment of their demands, as the prices of steel, cement, bricks and petroleum products were going upward day by day. The contractors so far bore all such increases, but now the it is out of their control and in such unfavorable situation completion of development works for contractors seems impossible, they stressed. President Mohammad Israr demanded of the provincial government to immediately announce increase in premium in order to complete the work within due time. He also demanded of the provincial government to release full funds for all the ongoing schemes. He said if the government did not give notice of their demands, then the contractors would be compelled to stop work on the ongoing projects until increase of premium and release of funds. He said that stopping work on going projects would create too much problems for government, departments and contractors as well. He said if the government increased premium and released full funds for all ongoing projects, then the contractors would complete the work before stipulated time.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, Malakand chapter, President Al-Haaj Muhammad Eisal Khan has urged the people to support PML-N in the upcoming general elections so that the ongoing war on terror of the US interests could be stopped.

Addressing a ceremony at Shingrai Badraga area of Malakand, he said Pakistan had been fighting the war on terror for the last 12 years while pursuing the US interests. He said people were joining PML-N, as PML-N was the name of mission, vision and hope for the masses. The aim of PML-N is not to come into power but to safeguard the national interests, ensuring the protection of masses and defending the country sovereignty.

The PML-N local leaders criticised the present government in the centre and in KPK for neglecting the people of Malakand in the crises. They urged the masses to fairly judge the present rulers regarding their policies and actions. Haji Eisal Khan and Haji Fida Muhammad Khan said Nawaz Sharif had the courage and wisdom to save the sinking ship of the nation.

They said change and revolution could only come under the leadership of PML-N.