KARACHI – Famous Sindhi folk singer Master Manzoor was found dead in his house on Sunday, reported BBC.A close friend of Manzoor called another friend, who was a police officer, on finding him dead. They found his body in a pool of blood on the bed and his pistol lying next to him. Only one bullet had been fired while another got stuck in the chamber. They also found a half glass of alcohol next to him and a bottle. Police contacted his wife who had left two days back for her mother’s house, leaving her children behind. She alleged that there was a young visitor in the house who could have killed him.According to a local journalist, Ali Haider, Manzoor had gone to his in-laws’ house to bring his wife back. It is not clear if she left due to some differences with Manzoor. The singer had five young children. He belonged to Larkana and was the son of famous folk singer Makhno Fakir, who was renowned for playing Sindhi musical instruments such as Iktara and Chapri.