LOS ANGELES: Ashley Judd is on the verge of a breakdown. The actress is struggling to cope after being socked with a devastating double whammy - her divorce from race car driver Dario Franchitti and being blasted as “emotionally unbalanced” in a political dirty tricks campaign meeting.

“To hear the tape of Sen McConnell’s staff openly tearing her apart for some very personal issues cut Ashley to the bone,” a source said. She’s had a lot of bad stuff thrown at her in a very short time, and we worry that she may need long-term professional mental health help right now - before it’s too late. Ashley is in a very fragile mental state right now. When her marriage broke up, she lost the anchor that helped keep her mentally stable.” “We’re afraid she’s going to say, ‘What’s the point?’ and do something drastic - that’s why her closest friends are rallying around and giving her lots of love and support. But they can’t spend 24 hours a day with her.” –SS