lahore -

As industry is the main engine of country’s economic growth and PML-N leadership wanted to boost industrial sector, that why traders across the country would vote for PML-N candidates to elect Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister of the country third time.

These views were expressed by Director Gohar Publishers and Senior Vice President Lahore PML-N Traders Wing Abuzar Ghaffari while addressing a corner meeting of PML-N leader Hamza Shahbaz Sharif’s election campaign here yesterday at Urdu Bazar.

Abuzar Ghaffari, while paying glowing tribute to Punjab former Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif, said that people should compare the pace of Punjab development projects with other three provinces and do not give any importance to hollow slogans of other political parties who believe in plundering and not serving the down-trodden masses of the country, he said adding that PML-N leadership does not wanted to rule the country, instead it wanted to serve the inflated-hit citizens of Pakistan. Conversely, he claimed that PPP and PML-Q could not deliver to masses instead both parties plundered the national kitty and resources of the country.

Abuzar Ghaffari said that PML-Q and PPP rulers not only ransacked the resources of the country but also ruined the economy and put the country into multiple crises. He pledged that PML-N after coming into power, would take steps to eradicate all crises being faced by the country including electricity and natural gas load-shedding, bad law and order situation and menace of unemployment.

Abuzar Ghaffari further said that political stalwarts who always opposed and criticised Nawaz Sharif’s policies are now joining PML-N indicating that Sharif brothers’ politics is purely for the sake of the country and its people’s betterment. It is because PML-N always preferred clean politics instead of mud-slugging, patwar and thana culture politics.

Abuzar Ghaffari hoped that PML-N who dared to detonate atomic explosion earlier would resolve country’s burning issues once for all after getting thumping majority in the forthcoming general election and put the country on the track of prosperity and progress. He envisaged that PML-N will not only get whipping majority in coming general election in Centre and Punjab but would also give surprising results in Khyber Pakhunkhwa and Sindh provinces. He vowed that voters in forthcoming polls would throw out corrupt rulers from electioneering and envisage such a country that could provide job opportunities to skilled and unskilled people so that country could get progress leaps and bounds.