NEW YORK:Hollywoodhunk Jamie Foxx as you’ve never seen him before. The actor has undergone a geeky make-over to star in the new Spider-Man film, which was shooting inNew Yorkthis weekend.

Jamie plays nerdy engineer Max Dillon, who’s struck by lightning while working on a power line - and transforms in super villain Electro. He certainly looked the part on the set - hiding his chiselled good looks under a ridiculous comb-over and goofy fake gnashers.

The 45-year-old didn’t seem to mind the glamming down for the role - giving onlookers a giggle on Sunday as he danced around between takes, mimicking Michael Jackson’s famous Moonwalk. We’ve already seen a sneak preview of what Max looks like after he turns into Electro. Jamie was snapped on set last week in glittery blue bodypaint, hiding under a giant parka.                   –The Sun