Journalist Penal made clean sweep, winning all the 13 seats in the Lahore Press Club elections held on Sunday. Arshad Ansari was elected president and Shahbaz Mian general secretary.

As many as 1,476 media people exercised their right to vote. It was the highest number of votes cast in the history of the press club. Three panels – Journalist, Progressive and Ehtesab – participated in the election. Journalist Penal made clean sweep by winning all the 13 seats. It was really a historic success of the penal. Arshad Ansari was elected president for the sixth time by getting record votes of 1143 while Abdul Majid Sajid of Progressive Panel could get only 272 votes. Javed Farooqi was elected as vice president, securing 847 votes while his opponent Rana Ikram got 513 votes. Afzaal Talib of Journalist Panel was elected treasurer, bagging 1,034 votes while his opponent Yousuf Abbasi got 356 votes. Farzana Chaudhry of Journalist Panel was elected joint secretary, securing 974 votes while her rival Rizwan Farid from Prgressive Panel got 450 votes. Those elected as governing body members were Saima Nawaz (800 votes), Sheikh Aftab (775), Khwaja Naseer (755), Qamaruz Zaman Bhatti (737), Tariq Hasan (683), Majid Hussain (674), Muhammad Babur (612) and Mehbub-ul-Hasan Hiraj (574 votes).