I would like to request the nation as a whole to condemn and stop begging in our country. It is against Islam as well as someone said that this is a thriving business which incentivizes kidnapping of children from rural areas and maiming them for life to support this business. How unkind can we get? The number of beggars baffles you. Where do they come from, looking and huge expensive cars on the road and these beggars is such juxtaposition in itself? One cannot escape them, they seem to be omnipresent. It is a great nuisance to have them around you while shopping and eating as they make you feel so guilty for all that you have.

Some of the beggars appear to be quite healthy and stout. It. seems that they have found begging as a very lucrative business. The healthy beggars should be forced to work for their livelihood. Our leaders are international beggars so what can we say for these poor souls who travel to cities looking for a livelihood and are trapped into beggary. As usual we can blame the government and the police but nothing is being done to curb this social evil.


Karachi, April 20.