islamabad -

A board meeting of Heavy Mechanical Complex (HMC), while unanimously agreeing to make hydel and thermal power plants in future, has also decided to produce axles to be used in the bogies of railways.

The 100th meeting of the Heavy Mechanical Complex (HMC) Board of Directors (BoD) was held under the chairmanship of Federal Minister for Industries & Production Shahzada Ahsan Ashraf Sheikh in Texila on Monday.

During the course of meeting, managing director (MD) HMC Dr Ashraf Butt briefed the chairman board, the federal minister for industries & production, in detail on the working, finances, ongoing and future projects of HMC. He told that the complex has produced the world’s largest two-roller cane crushing plant, which is a successful experiment. He also told the board that Naltar Power Plant Project has been allotted to HMC, which is good news.

Shahzada Ahsan Ashraf Sheikh said that since international standard machinery and plants are being produced in the complex so the need is to introduce the products in global markets. He said that functional units of HMC needed to be upgraded technically and operationally as well to meet the increasing demands of country’s industry. Non-functional units are a burden on the HMC that need to be done away with to focus full attention towards the functional units. He maintained that the complex needed to take new initiative and look for the out of the box solutions to explore new domestic and international markets for the machinery and plants manufactured in HMC.

“HMC should be a complete solution provider to the industries rather than just a manufacture”, said the minister.  The BOD, however, expressed its satisfaction over the allotment of Naltar Power Plant Project and emphasized that axles for the Pakistan Railways bogies be provided by HMC in consultation with the Ministry of Railways. The Board further agreed upon the point that welfare project like schools and hospitals be run through public private partnership to provide quality healthcare and educational facilities to the common people along with HMC employees and their families.