LAHORE : Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts and Accessories Manufacturers (PAAPAM) here Monday called for an enhanced role of TDAP for participation of local auto engineering companies in international fairs to develop contacts with world manufacturers and analyse joint ventures with them.

PAAPAM Chairman Munir Bana said, “Repeated visits and regular participation in international mega events are vital to attract export orders.” He said the TDAP restricted its financial support only to two fairs in a year, citing that these kinds of limits did not suit the engineering sector.

, as the complete export process of engineering items took one to three years because it included receipt of inquiry, designing, development, sampling and then issuance of purchase order.

Since Pakistan had been a late entrant in world engineering market, he added, the Pak engineering sector needed support to fulfill the immense potential for exports.

Munir Bana also stressed upon the TDAP to enhance its allocations of funds to ensure more participation of auto engineering sector in global fairs in view of the sector’s huge potential of growth, as holding exhibitions and sending trade delegations abroad were imperative to promote exports and explore new markets.

The PAAPAM, he said, had sent its teams to global events for studying world automotive industry and introducing its members to international markets and build up their businesses keeping in view global economies and scales.

While, Vice chairman Usman Malik suggested that government should allocate funds to sponsor visiting delegations for exploration of opportunities in untapped and new markets.

He also recommended that the commercial section of the embassies abroad should carry out pre-marketing activities in the country where exhibition was scheduled.