TANDO ALLAHYAR - Nawaz Sharif has said that his party if voted to power will bring prosperity to the country by reforming the educational system.

Addressing a public meeting here Monday‚ the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) chief promised giving soft loan with less mark-up rate to unemployed skilled youth and making Pakistan a citadel of peace.

Nawaz said they will change the fate of Sindh by ending unemployment‚ load shedding and poverty. "The problems of farmers of the tail end will be resolved," he said, and announced that laptops would be given to the students of Sindh.

Tando Allahyar will be made a model city and metro bus service would be run in Karachi on the pattern of Lahore's metro bus service, he declared. PML-N chief said the grievances of the minorities would also be addressed properly and will improve their living standards.

Nawaz said that his past performance in government, when he had put an end to dacoit raj in Sindh, is evidence of the fact that he has always served the masses.

The former premier said that the apex court had clearly stated that certain parties have their own militant wings but the president did not take any action against them. “There are people who had murdered 50 to 100 people. How could you tolerate all this President Saheb?,” asked Sharif.

He criticised the Sindh government for not distributing laptops the way the Punjab government did. “Don’t the people of Sindh deserve laptops?, he said. He announced that medical colleges and universities would be established in Sindh and lawlessness would be put to an end.

Sharif said that today organisations like PIA and railways are not functioning, stating that when he had criticised President Zardari his spokesman felt offended. “Did Zardari do anything that deserves appreciation?,” he asked the crowd. Sharif said that jobs are sold in Sindh but in Punjab they were given on merit.

Criticizing PPP leadership and its government, Nawaz said that PPP government failed to address the problems of the people and Zardari always left the country in difficult times while the PML-N remained with the people and helped them.

"Zardari was visiting London and Paris when his people [in Sindh] were drowning and their farmlands were inundated in rainwater and floodwater. I came to Sindh and brought huge quantity of relief goods," he said while referring to the 2010 and 2011 floods and rains which caused serious losses to farmers.

"Today Pakistan is indebted to the tune of Rs15,800 billion... when Musharraf departed loans stood at Rs6,000 billion and now after five years of this government, the loan is staggering," he said.

Nawaz expressed the hope that elections will be held on time. Kick starting his party’s public campaign in Sindh ahead of the May 11 polls, he arrived in Tando Allahyar to address a crowd of several thousand people in Shalimar garden in support of Dr Rahila Magsi and her brother Dr Irfan Gul Magsi, who are respectively contesting on NA-223 and PS-51 of the district on PML-N tickets. Party leaders including Zafar Ali Shah, Ghuas Ali Shah, Saleem Zia, Ismail Rahu and others were present on the stage.

Dr Rahila and Dr Irfan also spoke on the occasion, urging Nawaz Sharif to give status of a taluka (administrative division) to the historic Nasarpur town if PML-N forms the next government. She also said that rotation of irrigation water should be put to an end because farmers, whose lands are located at the tail-end, do not get irrigation water and suffer badly from water scarcity.

Dr Rahila said that 75 per cent of tail-end areas of the district where Asif Zardari owns two sugar mills do not get irrigation water. She said that as district nazim she had provided gas to 75 villages, brought electricity to 400 villages and built 716 kilometres of roads and 300 bedded hospitals. Dr Irfan Gul Magsi called for building new irrigation water distributaries, so that water scarcity in areas of Jhando Mari, Misan and Chambar could end.

Magsis are considered a formidable force as Dr Irfan had won PS-52 in the 2002 general elections when Tando Allahyar was carved out of Hyderabad district as a separate district. His elder sister Dr Rahila became the first district nazim of the area, executing noticeable development works that made them a force to be reckoned with in this otherwise stronghold of the PPP.

On the occasion, senior vice president of Sindh United Party (SUP), Shah Muhammad Shah also announced in the public meeting that he was joining the PML-N. His son is contesting on PS-43 of Matiari district.