MANDI BAHAUDDIN - Former Punjab chief minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif alleged that President Asif Ali Zardari was firing gun from the shoulders of ‘Big Khan’ to rob PML-N of its vote bank.

Addressing a big public meeting at Malikwal Railway ground on Monday, he said that MPs elected from this district were partners of forty thieves headed by Zar Baba, adding that they ignored people of their constituencies and engaged themselves in looting and misappropriation of public funds. He announced that May 11, would be the day of getting rid of these thieves.

Referring to failure of the previous government, Shahbaz Sharif pointed that over the past five years people faced worst loadshedding which was continued unabated despite skyrocketing tariff, adding that the rulers even pick pocketed pilgrimages. Industrial units across the country has stopped emanating smoke due to unavailability of electricity,” he regretted, adding that after coming to power with the support of public, PML-N would take the thieves to task through a process of ruthless accountability. The PML-N leader said instead of bringing back the looted money from foreign banks, Zardari gathered huge amounts wealth through corrupt means. He appealed to the public to stamp on election symbol lion on the day of election if they want to save the country from looters.

Addressing to Zardari, Shahbaz Sharif said, “You had five years at your disposal to remove the stigma of Mr 10% but during this long tenure you rather earned new title of Mr 100,” He said if life had favoured Benazir Bhutto the country would not have reached the present worst situation. Referring to the negligence of Zardari, he said that during floods he went to every place and extended all possible relief to the flood stricken people but at that time Zardari preferred to visit France when the people were being devastated by floods. 

In 2011 dengue attacked the country but he did not have knowledge about its lethality. He said he arranged teams of qualified doctors from abroad who after examining the situation said that this disease was very dangerous and if not controlled in time that would take the whole country into its fold. Shahbaz Sharif said that he engaged the government machinery to counter dengue at all costs.

 With its efforts the government succeeded control the virus and saved more than 2500 lives. Total persons suffered from dengue virus numbered 21,000. 200 patients initially died of dengue.

The former chief minister went to say that when the India carried out 5 atomic bomb explosions Pakistan responded with 6 atomic bomb explosions and gave a strong message to the enemies that Pakistan had the capabilities to counter all types of aggression to defend the homeland.

Later, he paid salute to Jiyalas of Nawaz Sharif for arranging this big public meeting in shortest possible time.