IT might look more like a plan from television programme Grand Designs rather than a garden accessory, but this plush pad is actually a bird house.

The two-storey luxury home has been designed by garden specialists in a bid to make gardens more appealing for the declining number of British bird species.

Designed by Swedish home expert Clas Ohlson, this ultimate bird house has everything the modern British bird could wish for; an open plan kitchen and living room that spills onto a manicured lawn and ultra slick ‘tweet’ deck, complete with garden table and chairs, as well as an infinity bird bath and swinging perch to relax after a hard day’s foraging.

The bird house also features a home gym, ‘en-tweet’ master bedroom and contemporary floating stairs to complete the stylish look. For added security, the home is also fitted with a predator alarm, meaning the birds can enjoy their plush surroundings without the threat of danger.

Recent research by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds found that some of theUK’s best-loved bird species are continuing to decline.

the numbers of house sparrows and bullfinches have dropped by 17 per cent and 20 per cent respectively since 2012.

The RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch campaign claims that by making gardens more wildlife friendly, anyone can create a vital space for these endangered birds.

With a long-standing history of problem solving that spans 95 years, it is hoped the Clas Ohlson bird house will provide a luxurious and safe haven for British birds. To make sure as many species as possible are helped, people can create their own bird house by downloading blueprints from the company’s website.