LAHORE  - A writ petition on Tuesday was filed in the Lahore High Court, challenging licence of GEO Television and declaration of Jang group for spreading hatred against the armed forces of Pakistan, especially against Inter-Services Intelligence.
Mubashar Luqman, an anchorperson of a local television channel , filed the petition and submitted that GEO Television and Jang Group collectively blamed Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), the most credible agency of Pakistan, and other forces for the attack on anchorperson Hamid Mir in Karachi.  The petitioner said the entire group was spreading hatred against the state institution without solid evidence. Since the first day of the attack on Hamid Mir, no one of the anchors at Geo TV could prove the involvement of the agency, said the petitioner.  He said it was just a propaganda campaign to demoralise the forces of Pakistan, which really brought a bad name to Pakistan across the world. Luqman termed it a conspiracy which was being backed by international powers to weaken Pakistan and its most credible institution, ISI.  Moreover, neither any FIR has been registered against any person nor has the investigation been carried out into the attack on Hamid Mir so far, he said. The petitioner said GEO Television and its anchors had been working on foreign agenda and openly blaming Pakistan Army and Inter-Services Intelligence. Such act of GEO TV and its anchors was tantamount to high treason, said the petitioner. 
The petitioner prayed to the court to cancel the declaration of Jang Group and licence of the GEO Television so that no one could dare to attack the forces of Pakistan in the name of freedom of expression.