According to report, Government has decided to ban the import of LNG by private companies and only Pakistan State Oil will import LNG. This decision is against the government own policy of privatization and free market. Why does the government wants to have a monopoly on Natural Gas and LNG? The Competition Commission of Pakistan Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority must take action to protect the consumer’s basic rights of choice. The only possible reason seems that government has a political and financial interest. It is now an established fact that more government control more corruption. It is due to the government’s wrong policies that there is rampant corruption and majority of Pakistani are poor, even deprived of basic necessity. Good governance demands that government’ role should be neutral regulators and to protect the rights of people. In any commercial business it is not the government’ job to manage business. Government should allow private sector to play its role freely. Then only will Pakistanis invest in the country otherwise $25 billion in Dubai and $200 billion will remain in Switzerland, capital flights from Pakistan will not stop.


Lahore, April 16.