The great Khan is a nightmare for our dear Prime Minister. Always composed, Nawaz Sharif seems like an odd man, where he just does not lose it. However, there are those in his party that do. Nawaz Sharif just does not lose it. He stands calm and relaxed as he makes speeches in the most turbulent times. However, here is a prediction: the Khan will finally break the Sharif. It’s easier getting ousted by a military coup. Both the late Benazir and Sharif have learnt this with experience. If you’re lucky enough, the boots march in, take over, do some good things, destroy all the good things they did and then resign themselves off their duties. As heads of states, they basically wash the slate clean for the (corrupt) politicians to return and paint themselves with new colours. The boots, after getting themselves dirty, clean up the Sharif’s and the Bhutto’s allowing them to return as saviours and messiahs. This time it’s different.

Democracy can only be termed as a victim if, and indeed only if, it is being attacked by anti-democratic forces. But, if the said ‘attack’ comes by democratic entities, then, it’s just a democratic process. If Khan takes advantage of the said democratic process, Sharif will break.

Even with all his misgivings and mistakes, the great Khan has taught the Pakistani population a few things and for that, the future generations will owe him. Here is one thing taught by Khan: the elitist politicians are not holy cows. Ofcourse how he taught this and what he teaches are the worst of the shades of what has to be taught. There are ethics and modus operendi of doing things. Khan is like a kid that does not understand that, but he would someday. That said, he has taught the lone Pakistani man the lesson that he should have known a long time ago: that the elitist politicians are indeed no holy cows.

And here we see it happening. Sharif has been paparazzi’d during his London trip. It is a pity that the Pakistanis here and abroad had to have Khan remind them how technologically advanced times were. Shareef got out of his plane and as he left the airport to go to his car, his path was obstructed by a Pakistani with a camera, reminding him how Pakistanis were dying back in the country he supposedly ruled, those that he left behind to have his medical check-ups in a foreign country. The said gentleman, made a video while doing it. The video was plastered all over the internet. While it did little to check the conscience of the Prime minister, it did warn those after him to be weary of such trips. Maybe I’m just being optimistic here. Maybe not.

And then came the Savile Row picture. Apparently the Prime minister’s doctor had suggested him of some suit therapy. Looking healthy and gleaming under the orange of the store lights, Shareef posed with a certain gentleman as a picture was taken of the two. The said gentleman eventually deleted the photo (weather out of being embarrassed over not knowing the difference between a president and a prime minister or maybe out of being pressured to do so) but it was out. Mr. Shareef had been doing other things besides his medical check-up in London. Of course many had predicted the other things for such trips are usually made for political endeavours but leisure moments? Shouldn’t Nawaz Sharif had been worried given the panama debacle? How could he indulge into leisure in such difficult times?

Maybe it was a lone case of forgetfulness. Forgetfulness of how deep he was in deep waters.

But, alas, it was not the lone case. Nawaz Sharif was seen then at a Rolex store with his son. Maybe the trip was not for medical purposes alone? After all the only medical picture the Pakistani population got from his trip was him getting his blood pressure checked. His daughter was happy the premier got his blood pressure checked there in London. I am sure the nation was not.

The fact that he was paparazzi’d is good for the nation at large. It is good because it will keep the politicians after him cautious of what they do in such trips. Afterall, such trips, in such times, need to be for purposes that rationalize them. Thankyou Khan for reminding us to keep the supposed holly cows in check. This checking is for the good of the nation.