The government makes tall claims of austerity but protocol culture is flourishing in the country. Upper class is enjoying ‘protocol’ services but the common man is facing miserable condition. It affects daily life, making it difficult for people to be on time on their duties.

I am a student and often attend my institute by cab but owing to the the black windows protocol I often get late. The precarious security situation in the country is understandable but it does not make any sense that why hundreds of people have to be stopped for the VIP movement.

Last Monday, I had an exam I was well prepared and hopeful for the best but my day ruined when a protocol of many vehicles passed by and my cab was stopped in the road. This caused me to be late from the exam; I got stressed and was unable to perform that good in the exam.

Here the question arises as to who is responsible for this loss? Of course, the student got his tardiness excused due to such protocol. So government should implement strict rules to avoid such mess.

It would be worth appreciating if government bans such protocols for the greater good of common man in the country.


Rawalakot, April 2.