Hundreds of millions of people use Facebook to keep in touch with their friends and family, plan events, receive news, and play games. However, some users claim to be addicted or obsessed with Facebook and have difficulty logging off even after they have been on for hours. One people connect with their friends on Facebook, they will tend to chat with them for hours and be curious to know what they are doing and feeling by looking at their friends, constantly updated status. Usually people prefer to play online games on Facebook while waiting for the newest status of friends. When they get new notifications, they will minimise the game, look at the new notification, and then continue the game. It happens on and on.  

As the result, people will not realise that they have spent many hours only for connecting to Facebook. Actually, with the amount of time, you can do your duty or other things which are useful such as doing homework and reading books. Time is money, and if it is not used wisely, the consequences are never good. Spending too much time on Facebook might make you end up wasting too much time. 


Karachi, April 2.