World Haemophilia Day is celebrated each year on April 17 to raise awareness about the disease and work to protect the people from it. This day is also celebrated in our own country, and last year, several functions were arranged in different areas of the country. Unfortunately, we just know how to celebrate, but never try to act upon them. World Haemophilia Day is celebrated across the world to protect the people, but in our more than 20,000 patients are suffering from the deadly disease. The doctors have explained that in other countries 8 and 9 injections are given freely to the people to protect themselves from this disease. But in our country, only one injection cost 11,000 to 30,000 which is very expensive and it is the cause of growing of this disease in the country. This is also the main reason that other countries are much better and taking care of the people as compare to our country. Haemophilia is decreasing in other countries, but taking more lives in our country. I request the health concern authorities to provide free treatment of haemophilia and protect the people lives. 


Turbat, April 12.