It seems we’ve got our Harvey Weinstein in Ali Zafar. It’s not just a fellow singer, Misha Shafi, who has come forward to accuse him of misbehaviour, but several others. He denies the charges. And it seems we’ve got our Donald Trump in Abrarul Haq, who has also been accused of sexual harassment. However, he’s muddying the waters. Is he accused because he is a musician like Ali Zafar, or because he is a leading light of the PTI?

It seems that Lollywood is being left out of the #MeToo movement which prompted Ms Shafi to come forward. After all, it is supposed to be undergoing a revival. So far, only singers have been hit, none of the overweight directors with greasy and very curly hair, stuffed into overly tight crimplene trousers, who one thought were natural disciples of Harvey Weinstein, who started it all. All that remains is for Hollywood to make a movie about harassment, and then for Bollywood to rip it off, so that Lollywood can then rip it off. Will Ali Zafar audition for the Harvey Weinstein role?

Abrarul Haq is now doubly a threat to his party’s leader. First, he too has the temerity to build a hospital. Second, he now stands accused of harassment. True, Imran was accused by a PTI MNA, Ayesha Gulalai, not a Tweet, but still, it shows bad taste. And both could be accused of following the example of Donald Trump, whose conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin have to be kept out of a family newspaper like this, if FBI ex-Director James Comey is to be believed.

I don’t want to denigrate Ms Shafi, or in any way belittle her suffering in undergoing the harassment she alleges or her courage in coming forward, but I do wonder about how a woman could put herself in circumstances where such behaviour was possible. There is nudge-nudge wink-wink culture we are all part of. And I’m waiting for the moment when some of our politicians get exposed as harassers. Is it significant that Ali Zafar has been on the Bollywood yatra? Are there any other singers from here who made it big in Bollywood, who will be given a warning? Are dress designers and photographers also at risk? Of being suspected of harassing girls, that is.

The #MeToo movement has been oblique, almost as much as the Gazans’ Friday of Kites. So far, since protests started on March 30, 34 Palestinians have been killed, and flying kites seems a desperate reaction. However, the kites have got Molotov cocktails attached. No Israeli was killed, so they can’t be very effective. At the same time, the Israelis have not been very cooperative, by flying their own kites, while yelling “Bo kata!” Someone should tell the Palestinians we’ve already tried it, and sacrificed many of our own kids, to the fatal string.

The US President had a boring week, it seems, and was being reported not just for the salacious details he exchanged with President Putin, but also for more presidential reasons, like war and peace with North Korea. It seems North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un received CIA chief Mike Pompeo in the first high-level contact since President offered to talk to Kim. Of course, Pompeo will be the next Secretary of State after Rex Tillerson, and will probably be in office for the talks, but there is a strange silence about that most important of topics, Hair with a capital H. Trump and Kim are running it close for the right to brag of having the worst haircut in the world. Perhaps the only way there can be peace is if their barbers met in a duel to the death, fought with scissors. Trump’s barber would be allowed to use chemical weapons, or at least the same horrible dye he uses so lavishly on Trump. The ref could be Mian Nawaz, who is free these days, and has an interest in hair. Though maybe Aleem Khan would contest for the right to be nominated.

Footnote to these notes: The Pashtoon Tahaffuz Movement had a rally at Mochi Gate. As expected, PSM leader Manzoor Pashteen took advantage of the absence of former Malir SSP Rao Anwar to express his objection to being killed. Another JIT report has said that Rao had killed Naquibullah Mahsud because he couldn’t raise the ransom needed for his release. Pashteen said bad things about the Army, which is why the PSM hasn’t been receiving any coverage, and why I’ve seen TV talk shows claiming that Pashteen was getting Afghan money.

The next PSM rally has been announced for Karachi, which is where Naquibullah was killed, and which is still the biggest Pashtun city in the world. Mochi Gate might not have shown Lahore as claiming that title, but it did show that there are a lot of Pashtuns here. With a general election round the corner, parties should look at how well they are aligned with the PSM.