MULTAN - Chairman of PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari lashed out at Sharifs on Sunday, saying Nawaz Sharif hatched conspiracies against Benazir Bhutto on others' dictation while Shehbaz Sharif staged drama at Minar-e-Pakistan on loadshedding during PPP regime.

Addressing a news conference here at the residence of late Wajahat Hussain Gillani, caretaker of Moosa Pak Shrine, he said that Nawaz Sharif acted upon commands of others for his entire life but now he is concerned about the sanctity of vote. "When he (Sharif) was taking dictation from Gen Zia, why didn't he care about the sanctity of the vote?" he posed a question. He maintained that where had gone the sanctity of vote when Nawaz Sharif hatched conspiracies against Shaheed Benazir Bhutto twice. He asked PML-N to tell that whose commands it acted upon during its entire age. He pointed out that Nawaz Sharif attended parliament for just six times during his entire current term. He said that although Nawaz Sharif got elected through people's vote, he did not do any legislation for public welfare and failed to resolve their problems. He said that the peasants and labourers were forced to live a miserable life. He said that some politicians did the politics of GT Road while PPP did the politics of the people. 

Bilawal was of the opinion that the masses supported democracy and they would never accept dictatorship. He asserted that the solution to all problems being faced by Pakistan lied in democracy. He said that although a weak democracy existed in Pakistan, he was hopeful that transfer of power from one civilian government to the other would be peaceful. He added that the opposition leader and Prime Minister would develop consensus on caretaker set up. He said that earlier PPP government completed its term and peacefully shifted power to another government which strengthened democracy in the country. He said that if free and fair elections were held and peaceful transfer of power done, it would give strength to the democracy.

He said that the judges never spoke but their verdicts. He added that it was not the issue of the public that why someone was expelled. He said that if Nawaz Sharif did not respect the parliament, there would be no respect for the vote. He expressed his hope that the Chief Justice would take suo moto notice on loadshedding and sugar prices.

Referring to electricity crisis in Karachi, he said that the federal government was responsible for power supply to Karachi. "Now a minister of federal government says that electricity will not be supplied but they will still recover the bills. Let me know are you supplying electricity to Karachi if you want to collect bills?" he questioned. He alleged that on one hand power supply to Karachi was suspended while on the other overbilling was also done. He said that Karachi was faced with serious power supply issue and it was responsibility of the centre to resolve this problem.

He said that today Shehbaz Sharif was in Karachi and criticising PPP. "He should be ashamed of his acts. He should see our performance first and then criticise us," he added. He pointed out that Nawaz Sharif privatised KESC with the collaboration of MQM. He said that he had many hopes with the Chief Justice and he was hopeful that the Chief Justice would get Karachi justice in light of law.

He said that PPP was an ideological federal party, which believed in democracy. He lashed out at Shehbaz Sharif and said that he staged dramas at Minar-e-Pakistan. "Why doesn't he feel ashamed on loadshedding now," he added. He alleged that Sui Southern did not supply gas to K Electric for power generation. He claimed that Sindh was the only province which worked for power generation.

He said that the PML-N or PTI did nothing for the masses. He said that no other party did anything for the masses while PPP brought six lac families of Sindh out of poverty line. He added that the Sindh government was working on poverty alleviation projects for the last 10 years.

He lamented that the killers of his mother could not be caught despite lapse of 10 years. He said that South Punjab province was imperative for eliminating sense of deprivation from South Punjab.  He said that the PPP was striving for South Punjab province since long as it got approved province bill from senate but N League fled. He pointed out that the members of Janoobi Punjab Sooba Mahaaz were members of current government and they kept silent on province issue during last five years but PPP was still ready to hold talks with them.

He alleged that the PML-N is the biggest obstacle in way of creation of South Punjab province but the PPP would create this province after coming into power. He pointed out that it was said in 18th amendment that the province would be empowered but this clause was not implemented. "And instead almost entire resources of the country are spent on one city of one province," he maintained.

Citing the examples of PPP government's achievement, he said that it launched Benazir Income Support Programme, launched programme for interest-free loans and improved healthcare and education facilities in Sindh. Answering a question on NAB, he said that it was PPP's stance since the day first that NAB was a weak institution and it needed to be strengthened. He added that NAB should work according to the law. Answering a question on a top judicial personality, he said that the things which should be done by politicians were being done by someone else. He said that about one million cases were pending in Supreme Court, he was not given justice in his mother's murder case for last ten years. He urged upon the Chief Justice to get the poor justice. He said that the Supreme Court gave historic Panama case verdict and he had pinned many hopes on the Chief Justice. He said that it was astonishing for him when he was asked about the prospects of PPP's alliance with PML-N or PTI. "PPP is our party and we have an electoral sign. We have workers, we'll contest election on our sign and win it," he claimed.