In an unprecedented move that has elicited mixed yet intense reactions across the politico-judicial spectrum, the CJP ordered the withdrawal of police personnel deputed for the security of persons unentitled to this privilege across the country.

Where the action calls for the withdrawal of police and Elite force personnel provided to all non-entitled personalities, including parliamentarians, judges, journalists, police officials, thus belies any accusations of being a concentrated attack on one faction of the political matrix.

The mismanagement of and power loci created by the bloated security entourages that accompany and grace the residences of noted members of the political and bureaucratic elites leave no question as to whether the order was in the right. From the armed caravan of escorts that waylay the streets to herald the transportation of such notables, to the policed barricades that block off streets and offices that house them, there is little doubt to the fact that the police squad in all its daunting glory is the emblem of the Pakistani VIP deportment, at the expense of state resources.

The culture of political patronage that is extended to law enforcement agencies for their ‘fidelity’ leads to a subversion of the authority and misuse of its powers. It creates spheres of lower level bureaucratic cronyism and disregard for the law; case in point is that of Rao Anwar.

Where the PML-N vanguard was quick to decry the move as a calculated attack by the judiciary to leave former PM vulnerable, the fact remains that the issue of the illicit misuse of state sponsored police protection was rampant problem that needed to be checked. That the timing of the order coincides with the politico-judicial tussle between PML-N and the senior judicial bench and is a by-product of an escalating foray of the judiciary into political remediation, it does not take away from the fact that the move is a welcome and much needed check.

Where it is equally arguable that many personages rightly deserve this privilege due to the sensitivity of their vocation or eminent threat to life to them and their families, the formation of a committee to ascertain the validity of their entitlement can be a promising undertaking if the process isn’t weighted. For now, the imposed and checks and balances that come with the increasingly obfuscating role of the judiciary may highlight a few political and social discrepancies that needed to addressed.