The purpose of medicines is purely to save lives of the patients who suffer from different types of diseases. They are manufactured, sold and consumed for this purpose only and it goes without saying that they are not to be tempered with since risking it involves a matter of life and death. However, a very horrifying thing happening lately is the manufacturing of poor quality/substandard medicines, which are playing with the health of people.

It is therefore understood that the production of sub-standard medicines should be traced and stopped immediately. Falsification of medicine is a serious crime but unfortunately, in our country, this practice is being followed openly, without any fear. It is in that regard that the Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan (DRAP) should take effective measures to overcome this issue. Inspection of factories and pharmacies should be carried out periodically. A thorough check of the quality and expiry of medicines should be carried out by the regulatory authorities.

According to various reports by World Health Organisation (WHO), the main problem in the quality of such medicines tested was an inadequate amount of the active ingredient. A great step has been taken by the Government lately where they partnered with a Swiss pharmaceutical for access programs which will not only provide affordable but top quality medicines for the poor patients of Pakistan.

This seems like something which will benefit the masses of Pakistan, who actually deserve it the most. Although this a good initiative by the Govt, however, the benefits of this partnership in the shape of quality medicines for the un affording patients is yet to be witnessed. The Government needs to move fast to pass the healthcare benefits of such a program to the deserving patients.

KASHIF KHAN, Karachi, March 27.