I want to show my concern on summer weather and its cause and effects. That as summer has welcomed us with a very warm heart. In the last week of March we have experienced the first heat wave of 2018 in Karachi and other cities and there will be many more to come according to the reports. We should take care of our health and take precaution before leaving our houses.

But, there are some more creature other than humans like animals and birds who also get affected by the blazing heat. We should do something for them as they can also feel thirst and can get drowsy when it’s scorching outside. We should arrange some water and food facilities for these voiceless creatures on our rooftops or on the balconies where they can reach easily.

Whenever we sweat profusely we should not become unperturbed towards these innocent creatures of Allah.

UMMUL QURA, Karachi, April 2.