Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi is raising undue hue and cry quite unnecessary and in an uncalled manner over the recent election of the upper house of the parliament, the Senate, earlier this month and calling for electing a consensus chairman as the incumbent do not enjoy any respect as votes were purchased.

The PM was duly appreciated when he raised hue and cry over alleged horse trading in the Senate election but neither took any preventive measures nor named the elements indulging in such unfair practices.

Now, calling for election of a consensus Senate chairman is an undemocratic demand being made by the prime minister who had stepped in the shoes of Prime Minister when he was disqualified in the Panama Papers Leaks case by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in July 2017.

Sadiq Sanjrani was duly and democratically elected as the Chairman of the Senate by the Senators . both sitting and newly elected, and he is the first from province of Balochistan to hold this august office.

Quite regretfully, the pm is raising this hue and cry undemocratically because both the candidates of the ruling party for the office of the Senate chairman and deputy chairman were defeated by the opposition candidates and doing so is unfair on his part to say the least.

If the PM of the country does not respect the duly elected Chairman of the Upper House of the Parliament, how will others do and further more the incumbent Chairman is new to the office and gain experience with the passage of the time.

The PM should have large heart , stop making undemocratic demand and accept the new chairman and the deputy chairman , from Balochistan and Sindh respectively, who have been duly elected democratically by the Senators who themselves have been elected democratically, please. Thanks.

M.A.H.SHAIKH, Lahore, March 27.