Just recently, I paid a visit to one of the recruitment site where the test was being conducted for a junior post in a public department. To my utter surprise, more than 100,000 applicants applied for only around 500 seats from all around Pakistan. The officials of the testing services were too reluctant to share any information concerning the testing process. Thousands of applications for just some dozens of posts reveal the gruesome picture of the economy. Indeed, the government has backed off from its claim to provide 10 million jobs to youth.

Another question, which arises here, is the revenue that these testing services are gaining. It is a lucrative business indeed. The crestfallen youth, who is already unemployed and suffering severe mental and psychological stress and paying many hundred rupees for applying an overly competitive post, is hopeless now.

Imran Khan must consider the aspirations of the youth, which supported it whole-heartedly. The youth bulge needs the support of government instead of harsh and hostile statements by the finance minister, who was being considered a real hero and a man of action who will bring real change.

The youth has only one question, where are ten million jobs? That was a gigantic claim and bringing this many jobs is beyond the realms of possibility even with the support of the private sector. The provocative question is why the government has made such a claim.

Asad Umar, the leading player of Imran Khan, has taken the nation to the blind alley and is more interested in squeezing the poor instead of taxing the elite.

At this critical situation, I ask the government to be realistic. The unemployed youth is getting pessimistic and painstakingly looking towards the government to play its role in uplifting their standard of life. The state must act at the earliest to keep the fabric of hope alive.


Lahore, April 3.