ISLAMABAD - Allama Iqbal Open University with collaboration of Pakistan Alliance for Early Childhood, Rupani Foundation, Ministry of Planning, Development and the Karakoram International University will soon hold 3rd international conference on early childhood development.

The theme of the conference will be ‘The promise of early child development-investing in early years’.

The event will include an exhibition of workable ECD models focusing on multi-sector approach to promote holistic ECD from conception to 8 years in the country. The conference is expected to bring together over 500 participants, including legislators and policymakers, those responsible for health, nutrition, child protection, education and social welfare; ECD experts, practitioners, researchers, donors, academicians and parent representatives to deliberate on draft policies and legislation to evolve an integrated, multi-sector approach.

The event will provide a forum to ECCE stakeholders for sharing experiences, researches, developments and innovations in the field of early childhood care, development and education.