KARACHI - Harassment can be identified as one of the conditions leading to severe emotional and psychological trauma to the subject who consequently needs timely as well as proper support, said a senior psychotherapist, Dr Anita Florence.

Addressing a workshop themed as “You are not alone,” conducted at the office of Karachi University, she also discussed in detail ways to evade harassment and associated trauma.

“Trauma can affect our life if not addressed on time,” said Dr Florence, who is also a known counsellor and coordinator of a local NGO, Family Education and Support Foundation.

During the event organised in coordination with the Civic and Social Responsibility Society of Karachi University, students were engaged in various activities to handle different types of traumas.

The entire exercise was meant to enable students understand as how to tackle varied forms of trauma coupled with immediate intervention to restore confidence and peace of mind through easily doable exercises. Students, both boys and girls from different departments of the KU, appreciative of the workshop suggested this to be made a regular feature so as to enhance emotional stability of the students in general.

“It not only helped our understanding of the issue but also improved our capacities to identify the triggering factors as well as measures to handle these at the very sources,” said a student, Jamal Hussain.

Dr. Florence said there was need to have these workshops in other educational institutions and work places to help ensure emotional well being of the associated stakeholders.