Since 2008 5455, Palestinians have martyred in air firings, missile targeting, and Israel continual surgical strikes. This has given rise to harassment for Palestinians. Moreover, according to UN reports; (1).47200 peoples are displaced in Gaza. (2).830000 peoples need humanitarian aid. (3).1mn children need human’s assistance in Gaza. (4).89% of peoples are subjected to psychological aggression in Gaza. (5).29.2% population in Gaza lives in extreme poverty. (6).1.88% Palestinians are living under blockade. (7). Only 5% of the water is clean for drinking in Gaza.

All the above-described data show, how humans rights in Palestinians are ignored? Where are the Human Rights Organization of the world? Where are UE and UNO rules to maintain peace? Is it not the terrorism of Israel? Why the USA has a tilt of favor for Israel to stay forever in Golan Heights. It is need of time to differentiate between wrong and right, real and fake terrorists.


Khushab, April 3.